Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Tuesday Goat eats Pizza

Is this PS? a goat eating pizza with a couple in NYC. This is called "recycle":

Goat-->goat milk-->goat cheese-->pizza--->goat eats pizza

This picture was taken at a restaurant called Famous Famiglia. It's said Donald Trump used to eat there...If he knew this, he would say to the goat-you are fired!

Super nanny, Bear style!!
Bruce Lee vs lemurs
Quartet (or internet mad-ley?)
Talking Husky
Father Daughter Dance Medley
Laugh Out Loud
Half Dog Half man

If you have the option, will you take your pets to a restaurant? My guess is most of pet's owners would say yes. The bad news is almost all restaurants do not allow bringing pets for meals, unless your pets dress up like this goat!! Do you see the goat actually wearing a hat!!
However, if there is such a restaurant which allows bringing pets to the restaurant, what kind of menu should they have? haha!! probably pizza i think;)) what ya think?

pic via huffington post

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