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Healthy Recipes-Salsa (eggless, oil free, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, weight loss)

Salsa recipe

I was watching History 2 channel this weekend where I learned the 10 Things you do not know about Benjamin Franklin.
Based upon the show, Benjamin Franklin
1. became a fugitive from law. (Even the president could not avoid, huh?;) the first tabloid journalist-Wrote a gossip column, something sexy suxy! But what surprised me was nobody wrote gossip sexy stories before Franklin time?

3. Frequent visit to sex clubs-pay for sex...that's consistent with his appetite about gossip;)
4. Did not fly the kite in a thunderstorm. It was his son, not him. He did supervise his son that day in a distance.
5. is the first to chart the Gulfstream. This came as a big surprise...
6. Owns slaves. I do not doubt this. Slavery was abandoned at that time, but it normally takes longer time to change the mentality.

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Red Onion

7. Invents a strange musical instrument-Armonia. I think that's really cool!! I even found a link where you can play it here to play it online
8. A suspected serial killer-There were skeletons found at the basement of Franklin's appartment in London. medicine experiments???That sounds very scary...
9. Build the first hospital in philadelphia-The idea came from a concept that all sick people come together to get treated. This sounds very much part of industralization.

Fennel bulb

10. Franklin's sex drive helps win American Revolution-This is the most interesting one and you will agree with me! Sounds very much like James Bond to me! When he was having an affair with an 18 years old English girl in London, it was caught by someone (you would wonder where did his body guards went?). Franklin was very interested in medicine. That explains his love of sex. It's not a surprise that he was very popular among European ladies. During the American Revolutionary War, he visited France.  The French lady he had an affair with convinced her husband to talk to the French king-Louis XVI...not Louis Vuitton...hahagaga...

 salsa Music Video Mix

I always wanted to try Salsa, the food, not the dance, but the Salsa recipe works perfectly with the dance and music Salsa...whatcha think?

Benefits-low salt, very low calories, zero cholestrol, savory, easiest and quick recipe for professionals who do not have time to prepare lunch or dinner.
Fennel belongs to carrot family (interesting huh, nothing looks alike). Raw fennel tastes quite sweet. Here's the nutrition info. Fennel is a great source for insoluable dietery fiber which helps weight loss!!!


Tea pairing-green tea.

Salsa recipe picture

2 cup tomato, sliced in 1/2 inches
3/4 cup sweet red onion, sliced in 1/2 inches
1/2 cup fennel (this is my secrete recipe!!!!), sliced in 1/2 inches
1/2 cup cilantro, chopped
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp ground black pepper
1 tbsp lemon juice

1. Add all vegetables in a medium bowl, tomato, red onion, funnel and cilantro.
2. Mix vegetables with salt, black pepper and lemon juice together, evenly

Serve with chips. I sometimes eat it like a salad! One time my friend prepared a Fennel salad and it tasted really great! Fennel has unique and pleasant aroma and it's crispy.

Do you like fennel?;)
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